28 May 2023

Property prices bloom in floral addresses

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Property prices bloom in floral addresses

  • Chelsea Flower Show celebrates its 110th year, with thousands of plants and flowers on display for garden lovers.
  • Many home addresses feature floral names. Over 1,300 property sales have taken place in the last year on streets bearing the names of some of the UK’s most popular flowers, with Rose being the most popular, followed by Bluebell.
  • Residential sales with floral names including Rose, Poppy, Bluebell, Orchid and Sunflower have also, on average, exceeded the current average home price in the UK of £260,441 (Nationwide).
  • It is estimated 87% of UK households have a garden. For those with a lawn, bees, butterflies and other pollinators can benefit from those taking part in No Mow May, a national campaign encouraging those with lawns and verges to let them grow freely.

Source: Dataloft, Land Registry, based on sales over the past 12 months, Nationwide, RHS, Country Living

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