7 Dec 2022

Matthews Blog – Naples of the North

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Naples of the North

As a born and bred Morecambe lad, I wanted to highlight my home, and really showcase why there is a ‘buzz about town’.

If I could compare Morecambe to something, then it would be a long-haul flight around the globe. Along the way we have stops, change overs, turbulence, as we journey on to our destination.

I always ask myself, what is Morecambe’s destination? Where are we headed?

Could it be the Eden Project North? Or could it be wider tourism? I guess that we all may have a different answer to the question.

Let us start off with a bit of history. I often heard how Morecambe used to be the hottest destination in the North for holiday makers, with its golden beaches, amusement arcades, Olympic sized swimming pool, the glamorous West End, the Winter Gardens, the iconic Art-Deco style Midland Hotel, and much, much more. My grandparents used to tell us stories when we were younger, stories that if I am honest, I never believed.

Morecambe Winter GardensOld 'Bubbles' Site

Years later, after seeing Morecambe shine both during and after the pandemic, those stories are now starting to become a reality. Tourism has been booming during the summer, and its clear to see, that Morecambe is getting plenty of investment. The Eden Project North, plus an appearance on the hit ITV drama ‘The Bay’, have both been major contributing factors.

I do passionately believe though, that even without these factors, Morecambe was always going to be invested in. The COVID pandemic made more people appreciate holidaying in the UK, and Morecambe with its sandy beaches, friendly locals, and historic tourism, was always going to make a return. If the famous Eden Project goes ahead and gets underway, then ‘wow’, I cannot wait to see what it does to my hometown. There will be a link at the bottom of the page to a Daily Mail article that we took part in regarding the Eden Project.

Unfortunately, the Eden Project has been delayed several times and for many reasons. The main reason is of course funding however, the Government are likely to decide on funding of £50m by the end of 2022. Link at the bottom of the page for more information.

Another major question on most people’s minds relates to the old Frontierland site, and what will finally happen to it. The local council recently bought the site, with a decision pending on what it should it be used for. Should it be housing? Should it be retail space? Could it be used for another major attraction?

I would personally like to see it as retail space of varying sizes. Units small enough so that local businesses can be involved, alongside larger premises that would attract the huge, global brands, which would bring in the punters from towns and cities in the Northwest. With the train station being really close by, I think a retail park would be a massive win for Morecambe. There is a link to a recent article below regarding the sale of the site.

Looking at other investment going on in Morecambe, the Eden Project news has seen some of the older, dilapidated properties in the local area, get much needed facelifts, with planning being granted to build more homes in Heysham.

Morecambe Football Clubs inclusion in League One has also made an enormous difference. More fans have been going to watch and support our local team, and with the size and reputation that some of the opposing teams come with, they have brought thousands of fresh, new people to the area.

Even without the Eden Project being confirmed, there has been massive investment along the prom, most notably in serviced accommodation. Landlords have been taking properties that were previously rented privately to jump on the Air B&B bandwagon. More quality accommodation has been available to holiday makers coming to the area providing a massive financial boost to local businesses. There is a link below to an article that will give you an idea of what an Air B&B investment could do for your property portfolio.

There is so much going for Morecambe at the moment, and I’ve only been able to talk about some of the investment locally. There is so much more going on that I believe will make Morecambe ‘the’ place to live, visit, and love, by the end of the decade.

Morecambe was once dubbed the ‘Naples of the North’. We will be back there again soon…

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