18 Jan 2023

Matthew’s Blog – Lancaster at the heart of the North West?

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Lancaster, the Heart of the North West?

Lancaster is a historic, characterful, and strategically placed city in a glorious part of the Northwest. Does that make it the heart of the North West?

There won’t be many other cities that have the high-level transport routes that local residents enjoy. Lancaster’s mainline train station gives access to London in under two and a half hours, and Glasgow in just under two hours.

The M6 Motorway allows you to get to the North-wests major cities, Manchester, Liverpool, and Leeds, only being just over an hour away.

Even better though (matter of opinion I suppose), is that you can get to the Lake District to enjoy the beautiful scenery, in no time at all.

I really doubt there are many better placed places to live and commute.

Since more employers are now welcoming employees working from home, we have found that a large influx of clients a buying property in Lancaster, but currently live ‘out of town’. London is proving a popular place where people are looking to move from, with people able to work from home most days, and commute easily on the train when required. In all honesty, getting a higher inner city London salary then a 2 ½ hour journey doesn’t sound too bad considering you get a lot more for your money for housing in Lancaster.

With Lancaster being cheaper than the Lake District too, we’re also seeing people buy holiday homes in the area to get away from the ‘Big City’ in the weekends or during holidays. I short trip up to the Lake District to walk up one of the many, many, beautiful hills, seems like a great break from the hustle and bustle of the London Underground commute.
If you’re into your history, then Lancaster has much to offer. From period homes, to Lancaster Castle and the Pendle Witches, to Williamson Park and the Ashton Memorial, walks down the canal, roman digs sites and much more. Williamson Park is also now the site for the extremely popular ‘Highest Point Festival’ for all the music lovers out there.

It’s also a city that houses the Lancaster Infirmary, the University of Cumbria, and the rank 11th university in the UK, Lancaster University, where people come from far and wide to work and study at.
Lancaster property sales have historically remained strong, and I believe that they shall keep flourishing because it’s a fantastic area that is being invested heavily in. Builders and investing New Build properties, large chain shops and restaurants, like Nandos, are coming to the area, which means that the future looks bright.

Lancaster is a great city to live and work in which I am sure that you will all agree.

Contact me if you wanted to discuss your move in and around Lancaster.