29 Mar 2023

Matthews Blog – Exciting times in Morecambe Bay

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Very exciting times for Morecambe and the surrounding area since my last update. Of course, the Eden project finally got its funding! The whole area can finally breathe a sigh of relief and jump with joy at this fantastic news!

Since this announcement we have seen an uplift in commercial property demand however, I feel it may be too early to say on the residential market will react. Part of me though already thinks that we may have already seen house prices increase in the local area. I do get asked about this part regularly and I always have the give the same answer, “it’s really too early to say”. Cornwall saw a massive increase in tourism in from the Eden, however not as many homeowners as investors.

The uplift has been very positive from the commercial perspective in Morecambe. We have been involved in large transactions that will see new developments coming to the area, which as a local lad, has been a surreal experience. I would like to think going forward larger businesses will come to the area and tying that in with locals wanting to grow their own businesses, to keep a diverse mix of retail in the local area.

Following on from this there was more good news with the Winter Gardens being awarded £2.7m worth of funding! Reading in local news they are hoping it becomes the Albert Hall of the north, increasing the theatres capacity to 1,600.

It will be amazing to see live shows, sporting events, music and much more at a local venue. Gone are the days of “oh there’s nout to do round ere”, in fact I would like to hope that we won’t need to leave the area to seek want we want from other towns and cities, keeping the money here!

Big things are coming to Morecambe, watch this space!

Link to Eden Project news article

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