4 Jan 2023

Kerrys Blog – Why Sales Progression is so important

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Why Sales Progression is so important

You might have heard Estate Agents talk about ‘Sales Progression’ so, what is it and why is it so important.

Hands up who thinks once an offer has been accepted that’s the hard work done on selling your home?

For those that have been through the process, I am sure will agree this is not the case. For those that haven’t rest assured the hard work starts once you say yes to agreeing to sell your home.

There are many, many, things that you will need to provide and many conversations that will need to be had, so that you get from ‘Sale Agreed’ to ‘Exchange of Contracts’.

Some examples of these are,

• As an owner, would you know what to do if a surveyor, who attended on behalf of your buyers’ mortgage lender, down values your home?
• If your home is leasehold, did you know that you may be required to order, and pay for, a management pack from the Management Company?
• Have any uPVC windows or doors been replaced since 2002? A FENSA certificate will be required.
• If a boiler has been replaced or any works have been undertaken to your home, did you know you must provide the building regulation certification?

These are just a fraction of the things that can come up when selling your home, and that’s why with the help of a good Sales Progressor, they can help to shorten the period between sale agreed and exchange of contracts.

A vital part of this is keeping on constant communication with buyer, seller, both conveyancers, and any other agents that may be involved in a chain.

One other way that a Sales Progressor can help reduce the time it takes to exchange contracts is to help you get these documents ready BEFORE your home even goes on the market. That way, you’re ready as soon as the offer is accepted, to send them to your conveyancer.

Without a dedicated Sales Progressor in place things may get left to the last minute which in turn may then extend the time frame on your sale or purchase. Sales Progressors are on hand to help iron out any issues that may arise and are worth their weight in gold.