12 Apr 2023

Howards Blog – Work with your agent to the achieve the ‘End Game’

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Ways that you can work with your Estate Agent to achieve your End Game!

After choosing an estate agent to help sell your home, you may ask, ‘what is the next step?’ For the most part it is over to the estate agent, who’s responsible for keeping the progress of the marketing and the subsequent sale on track. There are, however, some aspects that you can do to help achieve the very best outcome when selling your house. Going forward, you and the estate agent are a team, aiming to achieve the same goal, both equally motivated to secure the best sale. Here are some useful hints and tips that will help you work together to obtain the right offer for you and for your circumstances.

1. Have a time scale, you would like to work to

Firstly, make sure you and your agent are on the same page from the outset. Ask questions and discuss any queries you have, as well as giving an indication of how quickly you’re looking to move – whether you’re aiming to sell in specific amount of time or for a certain price to enable you to reach the end game you desire. This will really help your agent set out the marketing and selling strategy from the start. Organisation and prioritization are key.

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2. Communication

Close contact with your estate agent is invaluable, so great communication is paramount. Let your agent know how regularly you’d like to be updated on the marketing progress along the way. Keeping you updated, whether that’s for viewing feedback, or for general updates, should be a priority. We recommend that feedback from any viewing is no more than 48 hours, and communication in general should never be more than 2 weeks apart. Make a pact with your agent so that communication is right for you.

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3. All feedback is positive

Potential buyers tend to be honest and forthcoming with their opinions on a house, even more honest when it’s the agent conducting the viewing! Feedback is always positive, however negative it may seem. If this happens, try not to be disheartened, and act on any opportunities that may come from it. Ensure you make your agent is aware that you want honesty, and that you are appreciate all feedback, so it can be used to your advantage. You may notice a common theme in the feedback you receive, which will help you to make improvements to your home for the next viewing.

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4. Have a say in the marketing and the lifestyle of living in your home

Help your estate agent by giving them some advice into what you may feel will show your property better off. We want to sell the lifestyle of your home, what attracted you to the property, and what is it like to live there. This teamwork will help a engage the imagination of a potential buyer.

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5. Approve the marketing before it goes live

Your agent will prepare your property marketing based on the strategy that you have previously agreed, highlighting the qualities that your home has to offer. This will likely be the first thing that a buyer would see and read about your home, so make sure that they’re checked thoroughly before the marketing goes live!

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6. Photographs allow the first insight into your property

Alongside the marketing description, the images of your home should be a top priority too. To help the photographer capture the best shots make sure that your home is ready BEFORE they arrive. Is it tidy, with items like of bins, hidden? Is the driveway/front of house clear of cars? Create clutter free spaces in your home to allow buyers to flow round the rooms. Why not create an ambient atmosphere by having mood lighting, fresh flowers, dining table setup with your favourite place settings. Have the fire lit during winter. Adding these items with enhance the photography and engage the imagination of a buyer, creating a lifestyle image of them living there.

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7. Buck the trend for viewing times

The more viewings, the more likely you to have buyers offer. Try and work with your agent to ensure the house is available to view when would be viewers are available. This could be weekends, evenings, or even lunch time so people can view during work hours. This will ensure that your property will receive the best exposure and give the most viewing opportunities. Get the correct viewing, get the correct buyer, and the correct selling price, allowing you to reach your ‘end game’, the move that you want.

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8. Look at the best offer and not the best price

Lastly, remember that most of the offers you get will be negotiable, even on occasions when they might seem a little low. It’s also important to remember that you can’t sell your home if you receive no offers. Low offers are better than no offers. Usually, most buyers will get in touch again with a counteroffer if their first is politely declined, so try not to be too quick to dismiss an offer from a potentially committed buyer. Remember, people want a deal, a bargain and as they say, if you don’t ask you don’t get!!

Have your agent, seek out all the information regarding the potential buyers whether that be a chain or affordability. Make sure that mortgage agreement in principle (if applicable) and/or proof of funds have been received.

The highest offer isn’t always the one that you should pursue. The offer that gives you the most chance to make your ‘end game’ a reality should the offer that you seriously consider.

The Goal – Get to your ‘End Game’ by selling your current home and moving to the house of your dreams.

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Would you benefit from some advice on the sale of your home? Give me a call, send me a text, or an email, and I’ll be happy to talk through a marketing strategy.

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