9 Dec 2022

How many gardens are needed to supply of Christmas Trees?

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  • We grow around 7 million Christmas trees in the UK each year. 2240 ha of land would be needed to grow that many trees, the equivalent of 120,000 average-sized UK gardens.
  • Nordmann Fir remains the most popular Christmas tree in the UK, accounting for 80% of trees sold.
  • Gardens and green space are paramount for home movers and renters alike. 87% of home movers and 72% of renters say a garden is an important feature in a property when moving home.
  • A garden continues to be in many buyers’ wish list, ranked in the top 5 of Rightmove’s key search terms.

Source: Dataloft; bctga.co.uk; Property Academy Home Moving Trends Survey, 2022; Property Academy Renter Survey 2022; ONS. Median UK garden size is 188m2