2 Jun 2023

Green, Green, Grass of homes (houses)

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Green, Green, Grass of homes (houses)

  • Gardens are integral to British life and are found in 97% of houses in Great Britain.
  • Garden size holds increasing importance, with many homeowners opting for garden offices as a way of expanding their living space to create dedicated ‘work from home’ areas.
  • Regional disparities in garden sizes are evident, with the South East boasting the largest average size at 422m², while London has the smallest at 201m².
  • Recent research highlights a substantial 39% price difference per square foot between homes with the largest and smallest gardens. This emphasises the value and desirability of generous outdoor spaces in today’s market.

Source: #Dataloft, ONS, Ordnance Survey (2020), Savills (2023)

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