1 Mar 2023

Estate Agents – What do they really do? Part 2

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Estate Agents – What do they really do? The important part!

I talked about some of the things that an Estate Agents does when bringing a home to the market, including the way we advertise, and how we can help sell the property quickly, easily, and for the best price.

Here is the link to that if you want to read that blog.

Now, the important part. This is the part that rarely gets thought out when discussing an Estate Agent. It’s the work that is done to help get you from accepting an offer to handing the keys over. A time that is taking around 12-16 weeks.

Not only is it often the longest part of the sales process but it’s a part where, if something bad happens, it can take its toll emotionally as you must put your house back up for sale.

The is a very common misconception that Estate Agents do nothing during this period as the conveyancers do the legal work in the behind the scenes. This couldn’t be further from the truth when using a good Estate Agent.

Once a sale has been agreed we’ll send over ALL the information that we collected before and during the marketing period to your conveyancer. Things like the installation certificates and protocol forms. We can even get the searches ordered for the buyer right at the point of sale agreed. This could save 3-4 weeks off the conveyancing period!!

Not only can we help reduce the conveyancing time, but whilst conveyancers are busy doing the legal stuff, they aren’t always as easy to get hold of. That’s great, because they’re getting your legal work sorted, but what do you do to find out what’s going on? You call us, the Estate Agent.

Our close working relationship with the conveyancers means that we can often get small updates from even when they’re hard to get hold of. This information can help ease any stress, or worries, that you may have.

We’re also arranging surveys, contractors, helping with enquiries, and moving the sale on to make sure we can hand those keys to the buyer at the end of the process.

You’ll be amazed what a good ‘Sale Progressor’ will do for your sale. Check our Google reviews to see what people say about the value of Kerry, our sale progressor.

Overall, Estate Agents do a huge amount of work to get you the best price, quickly, easily, and with the least amount of stress.

What to know more? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss more with you.