6 Aug 2023

Downsizing? How to spend your equity

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Downsizing? How to spend your equity

  • Over 8.1 million owner occupiers in England and Wales now own their homes outright. This constitutes 52% of owner occupiers, rising to over 90% of those aged 65 or more.
  • Based on sales price data from the Land Registry, downsizing from a 4 or more bedroom home to a 2-bedroom apartment could release, on average, over £250,000. The amount varies by region.
  • While freeing up under-occupied homes would help ease some of the housing stock issues in the market, downsizers will also reduce their ongoing costs and in many cases would be left with a large pot of equity.
  • Such equity could be used to launch children onto the housing ladder, to purchase an investment property or a holiday home, take a holiday of a lifetime or boost the pension pot. Independent financial advice should always be sought.

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Source: #Dataloft, Land Registry, MHCLG, based on sales in last 12 months, ONS, UK Finance