25 Jan 2023

Did you know? – The Midland Hotel

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The Midland Hotel

The Midland Hotel, an Art-Deco style hotel built in 1933, is a Grade II listed building that is the focal point of Morecambe Promenade.

Constructed by the London, Midland and Scottish Railway, it cost just under £72,000, a similar cost to a 1-bedroom flat in the area at today’s prices, it replaced the original Midland Hotel that was built in 1848.

When it opened it July 1933 The Midland Hotel attracted wealthy aristocrats and socialites from all over the country, all coming to enjoy the luxuries that it had to offer. This, however, was short-lived, and only last six years due the start of World War Two in September 1939.

During the war the hotel was requisitioned by the RAF to be used as a military hospital. The hotel was converted to include Wards, a Physiotherapy Centre, operating theatres, x-ray facilities, a dental surgery and even a mortuary, although very few died as the most serious cases were transferred to Lancaster Infirmary.

After the war, the hotel struggled to regain its prestige. Over the next 5 decades it changed hands on several occasions, starting to decay, deteriorate, and become very run down. A very visual sign that this once thriving seaside town had lost its battle with holidaymakers chasing guaranteed sunshine on the continent.

The Midland Hotel finally reopened in June 2008 after renovation work carried out by Urban Splash. It has helped rejuvenate Morecambe and is now once again, a place that people come to visit and enjoy.

Find out more about the ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Midland Hotel by clicking on the following link to Lancashire County Council

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