A new way to rent

  • There’s a new type of rental home in the UK which could transform the experience of being a renter – and the number of these homes is growing fast.
  • ‘Build-to-Rent’ homes have been purpose built for rental and are professionally managed by dedicated operators who have adopted the customer service values of the hospitality sector
  • Today, Build-to-Rent makes up just 2% of the UK’s private rental stock (82,500 homes out of a total of almost 5 million). But that could quickly grow to 5% and beyond. In London, it is already 4% and the current planning pipeline would take it to 10%.
  • Build-to-Rent providers pride themselves on creating high quality living environments and building communities where residents choose to stay long for longer.

Source: Dataloft, British Property Federation, Savills, as at end Q1 2023

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