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June 2020 - Better than most people think...

House on the market and it has not sold? Want to sell your home but feel like there is a negative COVID-19 effect on the housing market? Well, read on…

You may have read in the news that the housing market is not great, or that prices are going down, but the reality is far from that.

Let us look at the numbers for the Lancaster & Morecambe area.

In June 2019 there were 327 new properties that came up for sale. In June 2020 there were on 270. That is 21% less than the same month last year. That does not sound great, does it?

Wait a minute though, what about house sales?

In June 2019 there were 201 properties sold. In June 2020 that number was 220, an increase of 9.5%.

This is also the same for the areas we operate in Preston. 308 new properties came to the market in June 2019 and only 236 new properties in June 2020. so 30% less year on year. Sold properties were 178 in June 2019 and 202 in June 2020, an uplift of nearly 13%. What does this mean though?

It means that there are more people out there looking to buy a house than there are looking to sell. Demand is high for property, so why hasn’t yours sold?

That is what we are here to help with. We would really like to speak with you on how to make the most of this demand, so you do not miss out. We will be able to talk you through your current agents marketing and what & how we would do things differently.


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